The top poker sites offering PayPal payment in 2023.

We have discovered the finest 2023 online poker PayPal providers for players from Ireland. PayPal ranks among the most widely used e-payment service providers worldwide, amidst the multitude of payment providers on the internet. The American payment service is also highly popular in Ireland, and many online gamblers are likely to be delighted that the banking service has recently allowed gambling payments on the internet, with an increasing number of reputable poker sites in Ireland offering deposits and withdrawals through this secure payment system. Find out how this payment service works and locate the top real money poker sites that accept PayPal payments.

  • Deposits and withdrawals via PayPal are free of charge.
  • Enhanced security through SMS TAN protection
  • Fast payment processing only by providing email address and password.

Our top-rated PayPal choice for October 2023 among online poker sites is GG Poker.

The best three online poker sites

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    An overview of all the poker sites we have tested.

    Step by step: Paying at poker sites with PayPal

    1. First, you need to create an e-Wallet account. Go to the PayPal homepage and set up an account. Then, you can link your bank account to the online payment method. The verification process for your account may take several business days.
    2. Looking for a poker room that allows PayPal payments? Although the e-wallet is one of the most popular online payment methods in Ireland, only a few poker sites currently offer this payment option. Find the best poker rooms with PayPal payment here with us.
    3. Once you have registered with the poker provider, navigate to the virtual cashier area. You can easily locate it within the software or on the homepage. From there, simply select PayPal as your payment method and, by providing your email address and password, transfer any desired amount in euros from your linked bank account directly to your poker account, adhering to the deposit limits.
    4. The deposited euro amount is immediately transferred to the poker room, allowing you to start playing poker for real money just a few seconds later.

    What are the advantages of PayPal payment?

    Despite the limited availability of PayPal poker sites for Irish players, there are numerous compelling reasons to use PayPal as your online poker deposit method. Few other payment options allow you to transfer real money to your poker account as quickly and effortlessly. Initiating real money transfers is as simple as providing your email address and password. Unlike most eWallets, PayPal does not require you to deposit funds into a separate account before forwarding the Euro amount to the poker site. Instead, PayPal directly debits the money from your bank account and transfers it to the gambling provider without the need for an intermediary online account.

    When it comes to security measures, your payments with PayPal are protected like few other payment options. For instance, you benefit from advanced encryption technology and the customizable SMS TAN protection, making it virtually impossible for hackers to access your account.

    At all reputable Irish poker sites, PayPal deposits are completely free of charge. The poker providers do not impose any fees on deposits, and PayPal itself generally does not charge for online purchases. However, fees are applicable when withdrawing poker winnings through PayPal, which are then directly transferred to your bank account. For receiving payments, a flat fee of 0.35 euros is charged, along with 1.9% of the total amount received. Additionally, your bank may also levy charges. This is particularly the case when the poker room only offers gameplay in US dollars and consequently pays out your winnings in dollars as well.

    Comparing PayPal with other payment methods.

    Payment method





    Deposit speed




    2-3 days

    Payout speed

    2-12 hours

    24-48 hours

    No payment

    3-5 Takes

    Deposit fees





    Fees upon withdrawal

    When transferring to a bank account

    Payment receipt fees


    Bank fees


    Very high

    Very high

    Very high


    The top poker rooms for players from Ireland in 2023.

    Are you a devoted PayPal user and searching for a poker room that accepts this payment method? We've identified all the poker sites with PayPal that offer real money games for players from Ireland. Subsequently, we tested these providers in various categories. Naturally, the smooth functioning and fee-free nature of PayPal transactions were the initial focus. However, other criteria such as game selection, welcome bonuses, loyalty rewards, and the quality of the poker software itself were also taken into account in our poker site reviews. This ensures that here with us, you'll not only find a mere listing of PayPal poker online rooms for Ireland, but also have a clear understanding of how to assess each provider.

    Our specialists have identified the online poker PayPal sites that are most suitable for players from Ireland after conducting extensive tests and evaluating the results. You can find these poker sites in the ranking list on this page, organized according to the test results. Take a closer look at these sites and decide which of the top PayPal poker rooms on the internet appeals to you the most.

    top rated
    GGPoker BONUS 100% up to €100
    • Innovative features
    top rated
    888 Poker BONUS 30 €
    • Numerous tournaments and satellites

    Frequently Asked Questions - Commonly Asked Questions

    How does PayPal work?

    You can easily sign up on the PayPal website by providing your details. After that, you will link your e-wallet account with your bank account. This process may take a few days as PayPal initiates a micro deposit of one cent to your bank account, along with a reference number. To verify your bank account, you will need to confirm this reference number within your PayPal account. Once that's done, you can simply deposit money directly from your bank account into the cashier of any online poker room that accepts PayPal. Just enter the desired deposit amount, along with your login credentials consisting of your email address and chosen password.

    Are PayPal payments secure?

    Indeed, PayPal is the dominant provider of payment services across the globe. As such, you can rest assured that the company has implemented the same state-of-the-art security standards as any other multinational financial institution. This includes cutting-edge AES-128 encryption technology. Moreover, PayPal goes above and beyond by offering its unique Buyer Protection, which provides an extra layer of security. Essentially, this feature ensures that a service provider or merchant will only gain access to the funds once you have received the service or goods. To further enhance your security, we highly recommend using antivirus software before engaging in any online transactions.

    Is it possible to make PayPal payments in Ireland?

    Indeed, Irish customers can now enjoy the convenience of PayPal's payment services for online poker sites. Although not all online poker sites currently offer transactions through PayPal, we are optimistic that this number will increase in the near future.

    Is it possible to make withdrawals with PayPal as well?

    Indeed, with every online poker site that offers PayPal deposits, you will also be able to withdraw using this method. Rest assured that your funds can seamlessly flow in both directions, allowing for convenient and hassle-free transactions. Whether you're depositing or cashing out, PayPal ensures a secure and reliable experience, giving you peace of mind while you enjoy the exciting world of online poker.

    How fast are payments processed by PayPal?

    Deposits made with PayPal will immediately be credited to your poker balance.

    Do fees apply when paying with PayPal?

    No, PayPal does not impose any charges for deposits on online poker sites. This service is also free of charge on most online poker sites. Only with withdrawals, a fee of 0.35 euros plus 1.9% of the amount is levied. For detailed information regarding the fees for withdrawing from your PayPal account, please refer to the official website.