A comprehensive overview of all poker variations

Different poker variations have a common set of 52 cards and share the same hierarchy of poker hands, comprising five cards each. The various poker variations differ in terms of gameplay, betting and blind structures, and may also vary in scoring and special rules.

Over time, various poker variations have evolved from the oldest form of draw poker, each enjoying different popularity and prevalence in 2023. We will elucidate the intricacies of the primary types of poker games and provide you with a comprehensive overview of the top poker variants available on online poker platforms.

1. Texas Hold'em Poker

popularity 10/10
difficulty 5/10
Können 8/10
Verfügbarkeit 10/10
Spaß 9/10



The easiest to learn Very variable player level
Popular and widely spread There is a significant rush of participants in freeroll tournaments.
Different styles of play and limits. Difficult to master

Texas Hold'em is widely recognized as the most popular variant of poker at present. Online poker platforms offer a comprehensive range of Texas Hold'em games. This style of play is easily grasped and provides an immense level of enjoyment, yet it also presents a considerable challenge to master. Progressing from an advanced player to a professional or expert is an extensive journey, requiring dedication and skill.

To achieve success in poker, it is crucial to possess not only a comprehensive understanding of the varying probabilities associated with poker hands but also a strategy that adapts to the specific game type, situation, table position, budget, and stack. It is important to recognize that different game variants demand different approaches, and one should tailor their tactics accordingly. Additionally, being mindful of one's financial limitations and chip count is essential in determining the most effective course of action.

Freeroll tournaments in Texas Hold'em without any entry fee are highly popular, resulting in a large pool of participants and consequently, extended durations. Many players consider No Limit Texas Hold'em as the epitome of poker purity. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) hosts its Main Event in this particular style of poker.

How does one play the Texas Hold'em poker game?

In the game of Texas Hold'em, players are dealt two private cards and five community cards, also known as hole cards, community cards, or flop cards. The gameplay consists of four rounds: preflop, flop, turn, and river. Initially, each player receives their hole cards, followed by the reveal of three community cards, and then the fourth and fifth cards. During the rounds, players have the option to bet or fold. The winner is determined by the highest poker hand during the showdown.

In Texas Hold'em, the minimum bet is determined by the Big Blind and Small Blind, which alternate each round and can increase as the game progresses. The betting is influenced by the limits, with options including No Limit, Pot Limit, or Fixed Limit variations of Texas Hold'em poker.

2. Omaha Poker

popularity 9/10
difficulty 6/10
Können 8/10
Verfügbarkeit 9/10
Spaß 8/10



On average, better hands than in Texas Hold'em. The precise playing style may vary in online poker.
The rules of the game are almost identical to Texas Hold'em. Omaha Hi-Lo is more challenging to master.
The limits are equivalent to Texas Hold'em. Pot Limit Omaha requires more skill.

Omaha Hold'em is a variation of the popular poker game, derived from Texas Hold'em. Its gameplay is almost identical, and Omaha is played with the same limits commonly used in Texas Hold'em. Pot Limit is the most common variant of Omaha poker, offering players exciting opportunities for strategic play. Embrace the unique challenges and thrills of Omaha Hold'em, where skill and strategy meet to create an exhilarating experience. Join the poker tables now and see how your luck and abilities fare in this captivating game.

Omaha is renowned globally and forms part of the World Series of Poker in several variations. Virtually every online poker provider offers at least one variant. For seasoned players, Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) is the preferred choice due to its high level of action and the need for strategic decision-making.

How does one play the Omaha style of poker?

Omaha Rules adhere to those of Texas Hold'em, but in this variation, players are dealt four instead of two hole cards. A winning hand in Omaha Hi, similar to Texas Hold'em, must consist of the best poker hand formed by using two of the player's hole cards and three of the community cards.

In Omaha Hi-Lo, the pot is divided between the best high hand and the best low hand. The low hand consists of five distinct cards, counted downward from 8 in some variations, with the Ace being the lowest card. Players can use different cards for the high hand and the low hand, but they must use two hand cards each. If you win both the high and low hands, it is considered a scoop.

3. Stud Poker

popularity 8/10
difficulty 4/10
Können 6/10
Verfügbarkeit 7/10
Spaß 8/10



Easy difficulty and easy to learn. Only 7 Card Stud is widely spread in online poker.
The variance of the type of poker is low. The game is played with antes (the minimum bet of each player).
Fixed Limit Variants like Tropical or Oasis rely more on luck than skill.

Poker games known as stud involve players receiving both hole cards and open cards. The position of the first betting player changes frequently during a hand. Seven Card Stud has evolved from Five Card Stud, as seen in the poker film Cincinnati Kid, and has largely replaced its predecessor. Sometimes, Seven Card Stud is also played as Hi-Lo.

In Tropical or Carribbean Stud and Oasis poker variations, players engage in individual battles against the dealer, who is required to hold at least a specific hand in each round. The objective is to outsmart the dealer by strategically playing your hand and making calculated decisions. These thrilling poker games offer an exciting twist to the traditional format, providing players with a unique and dynamic experience. The challenge lies in mastering the art of reading your opponents and anticipating the dealer's next move. So, get ready to showcase your skills and take on the dealer in these exhilarating poker showdowns!

How does one play the Seven Card Stud poker variation?

Seven Card Stud is played with seven cards, as the name suggests. You will be dealt four open and three hidden cards. Two hole cards are dealt face down, and one is dealt face up. Following this, the 4th, 5th, and 7th Streets are dealt as open cards, and the 7th Street is the final hidden card.

During each round, you have the choice to bet or fold, and afterwards comes the showdown. Typically, Seven Card Stud is played with a fixed limit. In Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo, the highest hand shares the pot with the lowest hand. A low hand is comprised of five cards with a value lower than 8.

4. Draw Poker

popularity 7/10
difficulty 4/10
Können 4/10
Verfügbarkeit 3/10
Spaß 6/10



Oldest and highly renowned type of poker. Hardly available in online poker
Card exchange possible Very high variance
Easy to learn No community cards

There are various types of draw poker variants that allow players to exchange their hand cards. One of the most well-known forms is Five Card Draw, which is believed to be the oldest poker variation. In Wild West movies, it is often depicted as the quintessential saloon-style poker game. However, this once widely popular poker variant has become increasingly rare in 2023 and is now mostly played among friends rather than online.

No Limit or Fixed Limit variations of Five Card Draw Poker can be played with antes. Triple Draw, on the other hand, is occasionally found on online poker platforms and is also featured in the prestigious World Series of Poker. This particular variant involves three betting rounds and offers a Low Hand option.

How does one play the Five Card Draw variant of poker?

Two to seven players participate in the game of Five Card Draw. The initial round involves each player receiving five cards, followed by the first betting phase. Generally, it is not permissible to raise consecutively, and a maximum of three raises is allowed per betting round. Following the first betting round, players engage in the card exchange, commonly known as the Draw. Depending on the specific rules, players may choose to exchange either one, two, or three cards. Certain variations even allow for the exchange of four or all cards. After the card exchange, another betting round ensues, leading up to the final showdown. Some Draw variations incorporate the use of Jokers or a Jackpot.

5. H.O.R.S.E. Poker

popularity 6/10
difficulty 10/10
Können 9/10
Verfügbarkeit 3/10
Spaß 8/10



Great variety Great skill required
Great for tacticians and strategists. Not suitable for beginners.
Usually played as Fixed Limit Rarely available

HORSE Poker encompasses a range of poker variants such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hold'em Hi-Lo, Razz, Seven Card Stud, and Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo. Mastery of all five poker variations is essential for players. With each round, the game switches to a different variant, ensuring a delightful change of pace. In HOSE Poker, however, the Razz variation is excluded from the gameplay.

HORSE Poker has been part of the World Series of Poker since 2002, showcasing its presence and popularity. This particular poker variant can be a source of immense enjoyment, but it also demands a considerable level of skill and strategic thinking from players. It is advisable not to participate in a HORSE Poker tournament unless you have mastered all five variations of the game.

How do you play H.O.R.S.E. Poker?

A HORSE Poker tournament typically involves 8 players at the table. The game variant changes after each completed round, indicated by the Dealer Button. When switching to Razz Poker, the Button remains in the same position to ensure that the order of blinds is not disrupted when returning to Hold'em. Usually, a Fixed Limit is chosen, although other betting structures are also possible.

6. Razz Poker

popularity 7/10
difficulty 5/10
Können 6/10
Verfügbarkeit 7/10
Spaß 8/10



The gameplay is identical to Seven Card Stud. The game is played with antes (minimum bet of each player).
Low variance Different strategy necessary
Often played as Fixed Limit. Different setting behavior

Razz, as a variant of poker, shares the same rules as Seven Card Stud, but with the objective of achieving the lowest poker hand. It is a component of HORSE Poker and is featured in the World Series of Poker. In Razz, the standard practices include Fixed Limit betting and Ante contributions. Unlike other poker games, Razz does not have a qualifier such as "8 or better" to determine the pot winner. Additionally, flushes and straights have no value in this particular variation.

In the poker hierarchy referred to as "Ace to Five", aces are always considered low. The most favorable hand is called the "Wheel": A-2-3-4-5. A low hand is evaluated starting from the highest card and is named after the highest card, such as "Six Low" or "Six Five Low".

How do you play Razz Poker?

Each player places the minimum bet and receives two concealed cards and one exposed card. The round begins with the player holding the highest exposed card. For the 4th, 5th, and 6th streets, each player is dealt an exposed card, and the player with the lowest exposed combination initiates the respective betting round. The final card, 7th Street or River, is dealt face down. After the fifth and final betting round, the showdown ensues.

7. Open Face Poker

popularity 7/10
difficulty 8/10
Können 8/10
Verfügbarkeit 4/10
Spaß 7/10



Varied poker variant For beginners, fouls present a challenge.
Many different types of games Only a few online poker rooms offer it.
Opportunities for bonuses during the count are possible. Points are counted as stakes.

Open Face Poker, also known as Open Face Chinese Poker, is a variation of Chinese Poker and is relatively new. Originating in Finland, this style of play gained popularity in Russia. It was in 2012 that OFCP became well-known in the United States, and in 2014, the first World Championship took place.

Open Face Chinese Poker is often played on the sidelines of major tournaments such as the World Series of Poker. Designed for two to four players, this poker game offers numerous variations, including Pineapple, Double Deck, Turbo, Pineapple 2-7, and Progressive Pineapple.

How to play Open Face Chinese Poker?

Open Face Chinese Poker is played with a deck of 52 cards of French origin, and each player is dealt a total of 13 cards, from which three hands must be formed. The front hand contains three cards, while the middle and back hands each contain five cards. The two back hands must be stronger or at least equal to the respective front hand. The goal is to win points or units by surpassing opponents in each row. Creating the hands in the wrong order is considered a foul.

At first, each player is dealt five cards, and then one card each until thirteen cards are reached. The players place the cards in any row in front of them but are not allowed to rearrange the cards anymore. Open Face Chinese Poker features various bonuses such as "Fantasyland" and "Shoot the Moon," which are achieved by specific combinations of cards in the front or back hand. The stakes are counted as points, and a player receives one unit from their opponent for each hand that beats the opponent's hands. Especially high hands are additionally rewarded.

Summary of the various poker variants.

Poker is a game of cards that is diverse and highly varied, as you can see. The different types of poker highlight various aspects and require their own tactics and strategies. If you're a beginner, it's essential to start with Texas Hold'em: this popular form of poker can be played at any online poker provider and provides a great opportunity to learn about the different poker hands and the basics of betting.

With Omaha, you can build directly upon Texas Hold'em and familiarize yourself with the gameplay of Pot Limit. Stud Poker is also easy to learn and serves as an introduction to the game with open cards. For a change of pace, it's always good to master Seven Card Stud. A bit more finesse is required with Hi-Lo, as it also involves the lowest hand. From there, it's only a step away to Razz, where the lowest hand wins. This is where a shift in thinking is required, and Razz trains your ability to think in combinations.

Once you have mastered the rules of all these poker variations, H.O.R.S.E Poker awaits as a significant challenge. The rotation of the game variant after each round provides great variety and entices true professionals. Nowadays, Draw Poker is somewhat neglected. The oldest poker variant can be quickly learned and is always good for a game with friends, but you can also occasionally find rounds of it in online poker. Open Face Chinese Poker also demands great skill and is the latest trend that is currently available in only a few online poker rooms.

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