Online Poker Rake: The Best Poker Rooms with Low Rake

Rake refers to the fee that casinos and online poker rooms deduct during card games. It serves as a primary source of revenue for online poker sites. While poker tournaments typically require a fixed participation fee per player in addition to the buy-in, cash game players have to pay a certain percentage. The amount of the rake is influenced by the size of the pot and the level of participation, with a maximum limit in place. The less rake a poker room demands or the more attractive its rake structures are, the more worthwhile the poker game becomes. Therefore, we have compared the top 10 online poker providers for you and present the ten poker sites with the lowest rake.

Top 10 Online Poker providers with minimal rake

Below is an overview of the rake structures of leading poker sites for Irish players, presented in the following table:

Pokerseite Fixed cash games with limits in place. Unlimited + Restricted Pot Betting in Cash Games






4,5 % bis 0,01 (0,02/0,04)

1% to 5 (150/300 upwards)

3,3 % bis 0,30 (0,01/0,02)

4.5% to 5 (100/200 upwards)


0.01 per 0.20 to 0.50


1 per 100 to 5


0.01 per 0.20 to 1


0.05 per 1 to 5

Here's how to interpret our rake table.

On the left column, you will find the respective online poker providers. We have already sorted them in ascending order based on the most favorable rake structures, so you can easily find the poker site that suits you best at the top. The rake fees are separated for fixed limit and no limit or pot limit cash games. Two columns display the lowest and highest level of commission. All information is provided in US dollars. For example, "0.01 per 0.20 to 0.50" means that 1 cent of rake is charged per 20 cents in the pot, up to a maximum amount of 50 cents. The corresponding blinds are indicated in parentheses. Some poker rooms also list the house share in percentage terms.

Why Online Poker incurs rake: Understanding the concept of house share.

Unlike traditional casino poker, where players compete against the house, online poker is a game played among individual participants at the table. The poker room operator, as the organizer, does not participate in the game itself. However, through the rake fee, the poker site ensures a source of income, which means that not all of the amounts that flow into the pot are paid out to players. Online poker has the advantage over live games in that it incurs fewer costs for the poker room, resulting in significantly lower fees. The exact rake amount is usually dependent on the size of the pot and the respective limits or blinds being played. In exceptional cases, a fixed amount may be set. Typically, there is also a cap on the maximum rake per pot.

Rake in Sit'n'Gos and Poker Tournaments

If you thoroughly analyze our comprehensive chart above, you will observe that the rake structures of each poker site closely resemble one another. On average, the providers charge between three and six percent of the pot as rake for cash games, with the value often settling between four and five percent. Tournaments also generate revenue for poker rooms. For Sit'n'Go tables, a fixed percentage may apply, slightly higher, ranging from six to ten percent, depending on the respective limits or blinds at the table. In tournaments, one rarely speaks of a rake: instead, the organizer or online poker room levies a participation fee, which amounts to between five and ten percent of the buy-in but can also be higher.

What does "No Flop, No Drop" mean?

You are only required to pay rake when you are involved in the pot. Furthermore, reputable online poker providers only charge rake if the flop is dealt. If you win the pot before the first community cards are dealt, you do not have to pay the fee.

Online Poker and Rake: What to Consider When it Comes to the House Edge

In order to achieve long-term success in playing online poker and cash games, it is essential to not only compete against your opponents at the table but also take into account the rake deduction. The implementation of the "No Flop, No Drop" philosophy by poker providers results in a more aggressive style of play in cash games, as many professional grinders attempt to push other players out of the pot before the flop and secure a rake-free profit. You can certainly adopt this strategy yourself, but it is advisable to utilize poker software to analyze where you are generating profits and experiencing losses, thereby enabling you to adjust your game accordingly. It is crucial to stay ahead of the curve and constantly adapt your approach to maximize your chances of success.

As we have seen above, the provider comparison of a poker room's rake structures is less significant. However, when choosing the appropriate poker site, you should also consider the so-called rakeback conditions. Depending on the rake you have generated, you can receive bonus points or credits again. In this regard, the differences between individual providers can indeed carry more weight, which is why we have dedicated a separate rakeback comparison to this topic.