Earn money with online poker: The key tips to make money with poker

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    6. Triple Draw Lowball

For many seasoned poker professionals, online poker has been the gateway to a million-dollar business, capable of turning a talented player into a millionaire in just a few months. The online poker platforms often serve as a springboard for young players to build their bankroll, eventually enabling them to participate in high-stakes online tournaments or live events and make their breakthrough there. Others are satisfied with securing a noteworthy supplementary income month after month by playing poker on the internet. But how exactly can one earn money with online poker? At what point is it worth quitting your own job and turning poker into a profession? Here, you will find all the information on how to make money online with poker.

How much does a professional poker player earn?

If your aim is to join the ranks of the world's top poker professionals, you're probably curious about how much money these pros actually make. You can enter your current salary here and find out how long you would need to work in your job to earn as much as the best poker pros.

Wie lange würde es dauern, um genauso viel Geld zu verdienen, wie ein Top Poker Spieler?
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Pro 1 von 10 angezeigt
Jonathan Duhamel
Alter: 25
Siege: 10
In den Money finishes
$17, 900 000
Pius Heinz
Alter: 32
Siege: 12
In den Money finishes
$9, 500 000
Phil Hellmuth
Alter: 54
Siege: 53
In den Money finishes
$22, 200 000
Doyle Brunson
Alter: 85
Siege: 18
In den Money finishes
$6, 100 000
Phil Ivey
Alter: 41
Siege: 31
In den Money finishes
$23, 900 000
Tom Dwan
Alter: 32
Siege: 3
In den Money finishes
$2, 900 000
Daniel Negreanu
Alter: 44
Siege: 40
In den Money finishes
$36, 500 000
Christoph Vogelsang
Alter: 33
Siege: 2
In den Money finishes
$15, 400 000
Ole Schemion
Alter: 27
Siege: 9
In den Money finishes
$13, 800 000
Fedor Holz
Alter: 26
Siege: 11
In den Money finishes
$26, 700 000
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Please note that the earnings mentioned here pertain solely to the pros' winnings in live poker tournaments, without taking into account any profits or losses from online poker. Keep in mind that the focus is on the financial achievements of these players in physical events rather than their performance in virtual poker games.

How much does a professional online poker player earn?

While only a few players actually make it into the spotlight of the live poker scene, the number of global players projected to make a living from online poker earnings in 2023 exceeds 10,000. Naturally, these players don't all play at the same stakes, and one must differentiate between cash game and tournament players. In general, all online poker professionals, with some exceptions in the tournament player category, earn between 20,000 and 80,000 euros annually.

Which is better to play, cash games or tournaments?

Both professional online poker players who focus on tournaments and cash game players have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, skilled cash game players can earn a predictable hourly wage by multi-tabling at consistent blind levels, which minimizes variance. On the other hand, tournament players often have to endure longer dry spells, and it's not uncommon to go weeks without any significant earnings. However, as a tournament poker pro, you don't necessarily have to perform consistently well throughout the entire year or work a fixed schedule of 50 or more hours every week. In many cases, cashing in on 20-25 major online tournaments per year is enough to achieve a solid net income of €25,000 or more.

The Path to Becoming an Online Poker Pro: The 7 Most Important Tips.

First and foremost, it is essential to acknowledge that the dream of making money through online poker can vanish into thin air in no time. Only after several months or even years of being a successful hobby player, acquiring valuable experience, is it worthwhile to go all-in and venture into becoming an online poker pro. Almost all players who can make a living from their poker earnings are former hobby players, having already built a substantial bankroll, enabling them to embark on a poker career relatively risk-free. We strongly advise taking the risk only if you are financially secure and possess a bankroll that can withstand setbacks and effortlessly endure a dry spell lasting weeks.

Here are the key insights from seasoned players and experts that you must consider before venturing into the realm of professional poker. Take note of the following tips, provided by genuine professionals, to ensure a smooth transition to becoming a poker pro.

Poker Tipp 1

Don't give up a good job to become a professional poker player.

Even though the life of an online poker professional may initially sound like a life full of fun and excitement, there is also a downside to it. Being a professional poker player doesn't necessarily mean having more free time than a regular job, quite the opposite, and it requires a lot of self-discipline to organize oneself and stay in the game even when lacking motivation. If you have a good job that may be challenging at times but still allows you to live comfortably, we generally advise against quitting it with the aim of becoming a poker pro. It's a different ball game altogether.

Poker Tipp 2

Gain sufficient experience.

Only when you possess ample experience in online poker rooms is your poker career set to thrive. It is essential to have played at least 200,000 hands and achieved a respectable profit before even considering the possibility of becoming a poker pro. A mere few successful weeks or months do not indicate that you are an exceptionally skilled player who can effortlessly handle the life of a professional poker ace. Only after consistently generating sufficient winnings over a period of at least 10 to 12 months through daily play can you contemplate making poker your profession.

Poker Tipp 3

Create reserves for market downturns.

Even the most skilled players experience extended periods of bad luck, lasting for weeks or even months. Ask yourself: Am I capable of financially supporting myself for several months in case of emergency? Only if you can answer this question with a yes, are you prepared for a career in online poker.

Poker Tipp 4

Determine if you can finance your cost of living.

Before embarking on your professional career, it is crucial to carefully calculate the extent of your cost of living. Add up your expenses for food, insurance, rent, utilities, and any other monthly expenditures, and then increase that amount by an additional 15 to 20% to determine how much money you need to earn through online poker in order to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. If you have already been an active hobby player on a regular basis, you can roughly assess whether or not your poker career holds potential for the future.

Poker Tipp 5

Adapt your bets to your bankroll.

Proper management of your funds is the key to successfully navigate the world of online poker. The size of your bankroll may not be the ultimate decider, but rather the ability to choose your bets in accordance with it. As a cash game player, it's advisable not to invest more than 1% of your overall budget in a single buy-in. Only after multiple weeks of fruitful earnings should you consider venturing into tables with higher blinds. For instance, if you plan to buy-in with 10 euros at a 0.05/0.10 table, your bankroll should amount to at least 1,000 euros.

Poker Tipp 6

The Rakeback Factor: Choose a Generous Poker Room

Poker rooms generate revenue through rakes, which typically amount to 5% per pot or up to 10% of a tournament buy-in. Players who engage in a high volume of hands can avail themselves of rakeback offers from the poker rooms, which can reach up to 30% of the paid rakes. This way, you receive a monthly reimbursement of a portion of the rake you have paid to the poker site. Choose a site that provides you with a good rakeback program. You can find out more about this in our online poker reviews. Additionally, at the top poker rooms, you can secure additional funds for your bankroll through generous VIP offers.

Poker Tipp 7

Approach your poker endeavors with the same level of professionalism as you would in managing a business.

As an experienced poker player, you are more than just someone who plays a card game for money to make a living. It's important to understand that you are running a small one-person enterprise. This means that you have to organize your working hours, carefully plan your leisure time and vacations, and have plenty of self-discipline to lead your small business to success. It's not enough to have a stroke of luck and then sit back and relax. Only by continually improving, staying disciplined, and consistently generating profits can your business and your project as a poker professional have a future. A helpful guide for this is the book "Treat Your Poker Like a Business" by Dusty Schmidt, which provides valuable insights and advice.

Conclusion: profession poker player

In summary, it is imperative to acknowledge that being a professional poker player entails surmounting numerous obstacles beyond initial appearances. Moreover, one must abandon the notion that being a pro guarantees daily amusement and excitement. Only by approaching the endeavor with utmost seriousness, regarding poker as one's true vocation, and establishing the necessary foundations in advance, can success be achieved in this undertaking. Regardless of the eventual choice, we sincerely wish you good fortune and triumph in your pursuit of making money through online poker.