Top 10 Poker Software: The finest Poker Tools in 2023

The majority of professional poker players utilize poker software to assist them during real money games. Poker tools offer a wide range of aids: Real-time hand and opponent analysis is made possible by so-called poker tracker software. In addition to this, online poker software is available for post-game cash game analysis, as well as learning tools in the form of poker training software and tournament analysis and preparation. In the year 2023, grinders and regular players cannot afford to overlook poker software, but our list of the top 10 poker tools also provides affordable or free options for casual players. We have discovered the best poker software for Windows and Mac and will also showcase some useful poker tools for mobile devices.

The top ten poker software tools.

Our compilation of the top ten poker utilities includes applications designed for Windows and Mac operating systems. A key criterion for selection was that the poker software had to be authorized for use in online poker rooms. While some options are available online or as free poker software, the most popular poker tools require a purchase or subscription. Depending on the provider, opting for an annual billing cycle is often more cost-effective than a monthly one. With paid poker software, you can usually download a demo version or take advantage of a free trial period to assess its functionality.

1. Poker Tracker

Poker Tracker
• Funktionen: Tracking Software
• Plattform: Windows und Mac
• Preis: $99 bzw. $159
• Besonderheiten: Kompatibel mit vielen Pokerseiten inkl. PokerStars, Party Poker, MPN und iPoker Netzwerk

Poker Analyzer 4 is a popular and robust poker software package that offers a 30-day free trial. This powerful tool is available for both Texas Hold'em and Omaha, providing valuable real-time statistics and information at the gaming table. Customize it to suit your preferences and thoroughly analyze your gameplay afterward. With the TableNinja II and TableTracker extensions, Poker Analyzer streamlines multi-tabling and assists in identifying profitable tables. Try it now and enhance your poker experience!

2. Hold'em Manager

Hold'em Manager
• Funktionen: Tracking Software
• Plattform: Windows
• Preis: $99 bzw. $159
• Besonderheiten: Auch für Omaha verfügbar, kostenlose Demo-Version

This Omaha poker software is also available for Texas Hold'em. Hold'em Manager 2 boasts numerous capabilities and seamlessly integrates with third-party tools. Real-time game analysis, statistics, multi-table support, note-taking, player analysis, reports, and records represent just a fraction of its extensive features. Hold'em Manager 2 offers various pricing models and a complimentary trial version.

3. Hand2Note

• Funktionen: Poker Tracker
• Plattform: Windows
• Preis: $9.99 bis $39 pro Monat
• Besonderheiten: Kostenlos für Micro-Stakes, für rund 50 Pokerseiten

Hand2Note caters to professional players with its powerful real-time display. The statistics adapt to both regular players and fish. Customize pop-ups and information to suit your needs. Conduct a detailed post-game analysis or research your opponents. The real-money analysis clearly shows you areas where you can still improve.

4. PokerSnowie

• Funktionen: Post-Game Cash Game Analyse
• Plattform: Windows
• Preis: $99 bzw. $229.95 pro Jahr
• Besonderheiten: Spielen Sie gegen KI, PokerSnowie Mobile verfügbar

PokerSnowie caters to players of all levels, encompassing both cash games and tournaments. Through the utilization of Artificial Intelligence, you have the opportunity to enhance your gameplay and strengthen your abilities. Pinpoint and rectify any weaknesses you may have, refine your preflop strategies, or even simulate different scenarios. The hand range analysis feature proves to be incredibly valuable in your quest for improvement.


• Funktionen: Turnier-Analyse
• Plattform: Windows und Mac
• Preis: $14,99 bzw. $29,99 pro Monat
• Besonderheiten: Mit Sit'n'Go Coaching

ICMIZER is a comprehensive poker tool that encompasses a poker calculator, a Sit'n'Go and MTT coach, and a hand analysis replayer. Enhance your tournament play with ICMIZER by making better preflop decisions. Utilizing cutting-edge technology such as the Independent Cash Model (ICM) and Future Game Simulations (FGS), this poker software will guide you on when to fold or go all-in, which is crucial during the late stages of tournaments. Take your game to the next level with ICMIZER and dominate the competition.

6. Xeester

• Funktionen: Tracking Software
• Plattform: Windows
• Preis: 9,99 € bis 49,99 € pro Jahr
• Besonderheiten: Für Hold'em und Omaha, kompatibel mit vielen Pokerseiten

Xeester is an affordable and user-friendly software for tracking poker statistics. When analyzing your gameplay, you can take into account factors such as hole cards, position, zones, and bets in Texas Hold'em and Omaha. Customize the Heads-Up Display to suit your preferences and thoroughly examine your performance in both cash games and tournaments.

7. Jivaro

• Funktionen: Tracking Software
• Plattform: Windows
• Preis: ab $4,99 pro Monat
• Besonderheiten: Perfekt für PokerStars

Jivaro has been exclusively tailored for PokerStars, providing opponents' statistics, access to an online community, replays, consideration of playing positions, and tournament features. Jivaro offers pot odds and focuses on the key statistics. Moreover, the user-friendly interface can be customized to your preferences.

8. Power Equilab

Power Equilab
• Funktionen: Equity Berechnung für Ranges
• Plattform: Windows
• Preis: $41,95 pro Jahr
• Besonderheiten: Kostenlose Variante verfügbar

Power Equilab is a powerful tool designed to calculate equity in poker. It provides players with the ability to assess their chances of winning against specific hands or ranges. By using filters, users can analyze almost any imaginable scenario. With features like Equity Trainer, Hand History, detailed poker mathematics, and a variety of color schemes, Power Equilab offers a comprehensive solution for poker enthusiasts. Its advanced functionalities empower players to make informed decisions and improve their overall gameplay.

9. Flopzilla

• Funktionen: Range Analyse und Berechnung
• Plattform: Windows
• Preis: $25
• Besonderheiten: Kostenlose Software HoldEq inbegriffen

Flopzilla serves as a poker calculator designed to analyze ranges. Explore preflop ranges in conjunction with the board and gain insight into the resulting probabilities. Combinations can also be considered. Enhance your analysis with the use of filters, and compare equity and weigh hands differently. The inclusive HoldEq Equity calculator is provided free of charge.

10. Upswing Poker

Upswing Poker
• Funktionen: Poker Training
• Plattform: Online
• Preis: Kostenlose Angebote, ab $7
• Besonderheiten: Lernen Sie von Doug Polk, Ryan Fee und weiteren Profi-Pokerspielern

Upswing Poker has been in existence since 2015 and is regarded as one of the newer training sites. Its coaching team comprises renowned poker professionals such as Doug Polk, Ryan Fee, and other experts in the field. While some content is available for free, for a minimal fee, users can gain access to a wide array of coaching videos. By subscribing to Upswing Poker, individuals can take advantage of a comprehensive library of poker videos, training modules, tables, and an online community.

Useful poker tools as mobile applications

There are convenient apps and poker software available for your mobile device, both free and paid. You can calculate hand ranges for Texas Hold'em with Poker Cruncher, SnapShove by professional poker player Max Silver is a poker tool for push-fold strategy, Poker Analytics is an iOS tracker, Poker Income Pro is a bankroll manager, and Insta Poker Pro serves as a poker coach app.

Why using poker software is beneficial

Of course, you don't need every single poker software that we have listed in our Top 10 lineup of the finest poker tools. The devil is in the details when it comes to choosing the right tool. As a general rule of thumb, before investing money in poker software, you should have played around 1,000 hands. By using a tracking software, you can record and explore your gameplay behavior. However, you will only obtain meaningful data after playing thousands more hands with a poker tracker. Only then will trends start to emerge, enabling you to identify leaks.

The various poker tools, however, offer many other useful features. You have the ability to record and analyze a single round, either on your own or with friends. Additionally, a tracker assists you in getting a handle on your opponents. A tool known as a "Heads-Up Display," or Poker HUD, provides real-time information during gameplay that you can leverage to your advantage.

Experience various tools and don't hesitate to compare different solutions. Poker Tools developers are here to help, offering you the opportunity to test their tools for free with demo versions, so you don't have to buy "a pig in a poke".

Further information

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