Open Face Poker online: Information and Best Sites in 2023

Open Face Poker, both online and offline, has recently become one of the most popular variations of the game, gaining more and more followers. Numerous providers on the internet have already embraced this booming game variant since 2013 and offer various opportunities to play Open Face Poker for real money. This poker version, derived from Chinese Poker and thus occasionally referred to as Open Face Chinese Poker, captivates both beginners and professionals with its complex yet easily learnable gameplay. Here, we not only introduce you to the rules and some basic strategies but also recommend top-rated sites that are particularly suitable for playing Online Open Face Poker for real money.

The most important rules at a glance.

  • Open Face Poker can be played by two to four players per table.
  • Each player receives thirteen face-up cards.
  • The players need to divide the cards into three different hands.
  • The hands of the players are compared and evaluated with those of the competitors.
  • Certain hands receive bonus points.

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    The Open Face Poker rules

    At first glance, the rules of the Open Face poker variant may seem a bit complicated. However, once you have played a few dozen hands, the gameplay becomes ingrained, and you can then embark on pursuing various strategies.

    Open Face Chinese Poker is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, and up to four players can participate at a table. The starting hand consists of five cards, while the remaining eight cards are distributed over an equal number of rounds. Players must form a front hand (three cards), a middle hand (five cards), and a back hand (five cards) from the 13 cards they receive, and they can distribute the five starting cards and any additional cards as they please among the individual hands. The only requirement is that the hand rankings must increase from front to back. Only if the back hand is the strongest and the front hand is the weakest, can a player's hand be considered qualified and potentially win. If a player fails to meet this requirement, all of their hands will be deemed lost, resulting in negative points for them and positive points for their opponents.

    At the end of the round, each hand is compared to the hands of all players. A scoring system is then used to determine the winner. Additional points, known as royalties, can be achieved with particularly strong card combinations. In real money games, a specific amount is assigned per point. The players settle their accounts with each other at the end of each round.

    The ratings in Open Face Chinese Poker

    After each player receives their 13 cards, all participants in the round compare their Front, Middle, and Back hands. This comparison leads to the assignment of points according to the following principle:

    • If a player wins all three hands against a competitor, they will receive six points (Scoop).
    • If a player wins two hands, they receive one point.
    • Consequently, two lost hands result in one negative point, while three lost hands result in six negative points.

    Points with the middle and backhand can be achieved as follows:

    • Street: Middle Hand 4, Back Hand 2
    • Flush: 8 cards in the middle hand and 4 cards in the back hand.
    • Full House: Middle Hand twelve, Back Hand six
    • Poker or Four of a Kind: Middle Hand 16, Back Hand 8
    • Straight Flush: Hand in the middle has a value of 20, while the hand in the back has a value of 10.
    • Royal Flush: Middle Hand 40, Back Hand 20

    The following special point rules apply to the front hand:

    • A pair of sixes or better: 1 to 9 points in ascending order (66 = 1 point, AA = 9 points)
    • Drilling two or better: 10 to 22 points ascending (222 = 10 points, AAA = 22 points)

    The gameplay in Open Face Poker:

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    2. In eight rounds of play, the players each receive a card. Once a player has been given a card by the dealer or croupier, they must assign it to one of the three hands placed openly on the table. Once they have done so, the next player receives their card and so on.
    3. After all players have received 13 cards and assigned them to their hands, the evaluation takes place. All players compare the cards among themselves and calculate, based on the fixed points and taking into account the special points rule, how many plus or minus points they have achieved compared to a competitor. Then the payout per point follows. The amount that a player has to pay to another per lost point is determined before the game starts or in online poker by the table limits.

    Playing Open Face Poker online automates the card dealing and calculations, allowing you to fully focus on the game. This ensures that the distribution of cards and the necessary computations are efficiently handled, enabling you to concentrate solely on your gameplay.

    Tips and Strategies for Open Face Poker

    Since there is no option to fold in this game, relying on bluffs and studying your opponent doesn't hold much weight here. In Open Face, luck plays a much larger role compared to highly strategic variants like Texas Hold'em or Omaha. Nevertheless, having experience with this poker variation can naturally give you an advantage over inexperienced opponents. Therefore, it's advisable to train in Open Face Poker for free before venturing into real money games. Some online poker sites allow you to try Open Face in practice mode with play money.

    Additionally, it is crucial to avoid a common mistake that many newcomers tend to make. Inexperienced players often fixate on scoring bonus points by placing a pair of sixes or better directly in the front hand with their starting hand, for example. However, if no good cards follow, this can lead to an automatic scoop by an opponent since your front hand won't be the weakest. Consequently, you would incur a penalty of six negative points for each opponent, along with potential losses from opponents scoring bonus points, all for the sake of acquiring a few bonus points yourself. Therefore, initially focus on qualifying for the showdown by creating a strong back hand, a good middle hand, and a weaker front hand.

    Keeping an eye on the opponents' cards and being able to assess one's own outs and probabilities is a strategically important aspect. This allows you to arrange your cards optimally and gain a significant advantage. Of course, it takes a lot of experience to get an overview during fast-paced game rounds and recalculate the probabilities from round to round. The only way to improve in this regard is through practice. It is crucial to hone your skills and gain a deep understanding of the game to consistently make informed decisions. With dedication and perseverance, you can become a master at analyzing situations and making the most favorable moves. Remember, practice makes perfect!

    The top Open Face Poker sites for Ireland in 2023

    Open Face Poker online is the latest card game trend that is slowly spreading from the poker rooms in Las Vegas 2023 to the internet. There are already several websites that offer Open Face Poker on the internet. On these sites, you can usually play Open Face Chinese Poker for real euros as well as try it out in the free practice mode. It is mainly played at cash game tables, but some providers already offer real money tournaments with the Chinese poker variant.

    We meticulously examined the leading poker sites in Ireland, excluding those that offer Open Face Poker. Afterward, we thoroughly tested this variant of the game in different poker rooms while also scrutinizing their additional offerings such as bonuses, banking options, and customer service. This enables us not only to present you with the finest Open Face poker rooms but also to guarantee that the online poker provider's entire package is superb. Take a closer look at our aforementioned ranking of the top Open Face poker sites and try this thrilling game today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions - Commonly Asked Queries

    What is Open Face Chinese Poker?

    Open Face Chinese Poker, also known as OFCP, is arguably the most intricate of all poker variations. It is a modified version of a game called Chinese Poker. During a hand played until the showdown, each player receives five pocket cards and shares an additional eight community cards with their opponents. From these 13 cards, players must then form not one, but three hands, with the value of the hands increasing from front to back. Adding to its uniqueness is a scoring system. Contrary to its name, the game did not originate in China, but rather in Finland. Despite being one of the lesser-known versions of poker, it is gaining a growing following, extending beyond Finland and its neighboring country, Russia.

    Is Open Face Chinese Poker a popular poker variant?

    In certain parts of the world, primarily Finland and Russia, OFCP is indeed a relatively well-known poker game. It is anticipated that the game is slowly but surely gaining popularity in the rest of the world as well. However, due to the lack of online offerings, OFCP has not yet made it into the ranks of the most popular poker games. Only time will tell if this exciting and innovative version of the classic poker game will be able to achieve mainstream status.

    Can you play Open Face Chinese Poker online for real money?

    In the future, OFCP magazine will become an integral part of online poker offerings. After all, all providers are always striving to make their offerings diverse with innovations or the addition of classic games. At the moment, this poker variant is not offered as a standard by online poker sites.

    Is Open Face Chinese Poker considered a game of chance?

    All forms of poker, to some extent, involve elements of chance. Simultaneously, they are also games of strategy. This consensus is shared among players and industry insiders. Luck will invariably influence your winnings in the short term, and the luck of your opponents may cost you a few pots as well. However, this factor of luck will even out in the long run. In other words, those players who have invested a bit of effort into the theoretical aspect of the game are the ones who will find success in the long term.

    Is OFCP easy to learn?

    Despite its initial appearance of complexity, this variant of poker can be grasped within a few dozen hands, making it accessible even to novice players. However, if you aim to master the game's strategy, which is essential for profitable play, you will need to devote more than just an evening to it.