Zoom Poker: Play more hands without waiting with Fast Fold.

With Zoom Poker, PokerStars presents an incredibly fast-paced style of play. No longer do you have to wait until the end of the round after folding your hand; instead, you can instantly continue playing against new opponents with a fresh hand. Zoom Poker is available for both real money cash games and tournaments, offering Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and Draw options. Other online poker rooms have their own variations of the so-called Fast Poker or Fast Fold Poker. Our team of experts has compiled all the details, strategies, tips, and tricks for Zoom Poker, ensuring you have everything you need to know.

A quick overview of the fast-paced Zoom Poker variant at a glance.

  • No waiting times with Zoom Poker's Fast Fold feature.
  • Play more hands of poker per hour.
  • Zoom Poker opens up a whole new strategy.

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    What exactly is Zoom Poker?

    PokerStars, the online poker provider, has introduced Zoom Poker, a format that significantly reduces wait times at the table and constantly presents you with new opponents. PokerStars summarizes the gameplay with the motto "More poker, less time." The goal is to play more poker in less time, which offers a crucial advantage: ultimately, you can play more hands and achieve better real money winnings. The principle is simple: every time you fold in a Zoom Poker round, you receive new hole cards immediately and land at a new table with new opponents.

    Zoom Poker is available for both cash games and tournaments in Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and Draw Poker. You have the option to play at up to four tables simultaneously. However, due to its fast-paced nature, it is advisable to start with one table initially. To make the most of your gaming experience, it is recommended to focus on a single table at first.

    In Zoom Poker, you'll find yourself in a player pool and randomly matched with other Zoom Poker players. The table positions are randomized, but the software ensures that the distribution of blinds is fair, so you'll have to meet the minimum bets just as frequently as at a regular table. The software takes care of making the blind distribution fair, ensuring that you're not at a disadvantage. So, get ready for an exciting and unpredictable poker experience with Zoom Poker!

    One unique feature of Zoom Poker is the ability to fold before it's even your turn, saving you valuable time. Your opponents will only see your fold when it's your turn to act. Alternatively, you can choose to follow the progress of the round even after folding, keeping yourself engaged in the game. Start optimizing your poker experience with this innovative twist on traditional gameplay.

    Zoom Poker

    Zoom Poker Variants

    While PokerStars pioneered the concept of Zoom Poker, they are not the only ones in the market with this format. Many prominent online poker rooms have created their own versions. Although the various Zoom Poker variants differ in detail and are available for different types of poker games, the fundamental principle remains the same: when you fold your hand, you don't have to wait and can instantly continue playing. Fast Fold Poker is most commonly available for Texas Hold'em cash games. Here are the most renowned Zoom Poker variations:

    • Zoom Poker: At PokerStars, you can play Zoom Poker with the Fast Fold Button or the option to track the further progression of your hand. Cash games and tournaments are available, as well as the poker variants Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and Draw Poker.
    • FastForward Poker is Party Poker's concept, and the Fast Fold feature is referred to as Forward Fold. You can also try out the gameplay with play money. Only Texas Hold'em is available as a poker variant, and you can play at up to four tables simultaneously.
    • Since PokerStars acquired Full Tilt, the fast-paced game formerly known as Rush Poker is now called Zoom. The offering and functionality remain identical to the PokerStars platform.
    • Speed Poker: Im iPoker In online poker rooms, you can engage with a network just as you would in real life. Titan Poker Play Speed Poker. Here you have Fast Fold and the option to play Texas Hold'em or Omaha as cash games or tournaments. Additionally, you can choose from various stake levels.
    • Blaze Poker is available on the MPN Poker Network by Microgaming, and you can enjoy it on platforms like Betsson or. Redbet You have the option to try it out. Also, here you have the opportunity to play at multiple tables simultaneously if you wish. The special feature: After winning 20 raked pots, you can collect additional prizes with the bonus game Blaze Cannon.
    • Boost Poker: In the Chico Poker network, you can experience fast-paced poker action with providers such as Tiger Gaming Play fast-paced Boost Poker at the poker table. When you fold, you instantly receive a new hand, allowing you to try your luck again without any waiting time.
    • Strobe Poker is the fast version of poker on the Ongame Poker Network.

    Clarification of names and terms

    Zoom Poker is the term used to describe the fast-paced poker variant at the PokerStars provider. Generally, the gameplay without any waiting time between two hands is also referred to as "Fast Fold," with Fast Fold Poker being the name of the variant offered by Ongame. Poker players often refer to it as "Fast Poker" or "Speed Poker," while the offering in the iPoker network is also called Speed Poker. Moreover, there are differences among the individual providers regarding which poker variant you can play.

    The advantages of Zoom Poker compared to regular gameplay.

    Playing at a regular poker table, whether it's a cash game, sit'n'go, or a tournament, offers several advantages while also having its drawbacks. In terms of competition, you can potentially encounter players of any skill level. Particularly at lower limits, beginners and "fish" tend to gather. The flow of the game is similar to live poker, requiring you to wait for your opponents' actions and possibly sit out a round. Throughout the gameplay, you can gather tactical information about the opponents at the table and exploit the advantages of positional play. However, experienced players see the regular pace of the game as a disadvantage. The solution to this is multi-tabling, but playing at multiple tables simultaneously can potentially lead to a loss of overview or concentration.

    Zoom Poker and Fast Fold variations offer significant advantages over playing at regular tables. These innovative game formats provide a faster and more dynamic playing experience, allowing players to jump straight into the action without having to wait for others to act. With Zoom Poker, you can instantly fold your hand and move on to the next one, reducing the downtime between hands and maximizing your playing time. The Fast Fold feature also eliminates the need to wait for the completion of a hand before moving on, making it ideal for those looking for quick and intense gameplay. Additionally, these variants attract a wide range of players, from beginners to professionals, creating a diverse and challenging poker environment. So if you're craving for non-stop excitement and rapid-fire gameplay, Zoom Poker and Fast Fold variants are the perfect choice for you.

    1. Speed: In Zoom Poker, you undoubtedly play more hands per hour, increasing your chances of winning real money. The elimination of wait time accelerates the game tremendously. At the same time, most Fast Fold variants have a timer that limits your decision-making time significantly. Additionally, you save time by not having to choose a table since you are randomly placed.
    2. Strategy: Position at the poker table and blinds have much less influence on the strategy of your game in Zoom Poker. While the games are not anonymous, you and your opponents have less information available about the other players. With each hand, you can try a new approach without revealing anything about your playing style.
    3. Learning effect: By playing fast poker, you naturally gain more experience as you have to make more game decisions within a shorter period of time. Over time, you learn to overcome difficulties even under time pressure. Additionally, with Zoom Poker, the player pool is generally stronger compared to only playing cash games against beginners. The challenge is, of course, greater, but in the long run, your skills improve and you become more capable of facing stronger opponents.

    Zoom Poker variants have a player base.

    When it comes to the number of players and the popularity of Zoom Poker variations, the following ranking can be established for the player base:

    1. Zoom Poker
    2. Snap Poker
    3. FastForward Poker
    4. Speed Poker
    5. Blaze Poker

    Zoom Poker Strategies, Tips, and Tricks

    Our team of poker aficionados has compiled a comprehensive set of guidelines and techniques on how to strategically approach Zoom Poker and Fast Fold variations, in order to enhance your gameplay and assert yourself at the table. These invaluable insights and tactics will undoubtedly elevate your skills and empower you to make the most of your poker sessions. From mastering the art of timing to exploiting opponents' tendencies, our experts have left no stone unturned in providing you with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in these dynamic formats. So, gear up and get ready to take your poker game to new heights!

    Play tight

    Time is money. This axiom certainly applies to fast poker. If you have a poor hand, make use of the Fast Fold feature and jump right into the next hand. The majority of Zoom Poker players adopt a conservative approach and quickly fold bad hands. In theory, there is the option to bluff with weaker cards. However, as you will see, strong poker hands frequently emerge during the showdown. If you play nearly every hand in Speed Poker, it becomes significantly more challenging to accumulate real money winnings.

    Aggressive style of play

    Folding frequently doesn't mean that aggression doesn't pay off. At an underoccupied game table, opportunities can arise to play a medium-strength or weaker hand. Assertive betting sends a strong signal that you hold good cards. Take advantage of the fact that many players are reluctant to fold after the flop. With a bit of luck, you can turn your hand cards into a good pair or two pairs. If you've already made strong bets before the flop, you can attempt a semi-bluff. If you encounter resistance, you can still give up. When you hit a top poker hand, you can lure other aggressive players to maximize the pot.


    Positions at the poker table are assigned randomly in Zoom Poker, but the software ensures that each player must contribute equally as Small and Big Blind. Master the art of capitalizing on your position. A raise as the Small Blind sends a strong signal of a good hand. Many players attempt to steal the blinds as the Button or in a late position. Conversely, having strong hole cards becomes especially profitable when it is your turn to bet last in the round. Be mindful not to bet too loosely and play your hands profitably.


    If you are a newcomer to Zoom Poker, it is advisable to start with just one table. The fast-paced game demands constant focus, and you will inevitably play more hands than at a regular table. Only after you have become accustomed to Zoom Poker should you consider venturing into multi-tabling. In most fast-fold poker variations, you can play at a maximum of four tables simultaneously. You will truly appreciate the challenge that comes with it.

    Zoom Poker Bankroll

    When it comes to playing at the poker tables, it is crucial to only choose ones that fit within your financial means. This is especially true for Zoom Poker, where cash games or tournaments should align with your bankroll. Keep in mind that in Zoom Poker, your stack can rise or fall at a much faster pace. Strong swings are not uncommon, so it is important to remain calm and preserve your chips. As a general rule of thumb, your bankroll should ideally cover at least 70 to 80 buy-ins.

    Frequently Asked Questions: Commonly Asked Queries

    What is Zoom Poker?

    Zoom Poker offers a particularly fast gameplay experience, providing players with a Fast Fold button. When playing at Zoom Poker tables, you join a player pool where you can fold your hand if you choose not to play it. By doing so, you are immediately transferred to a new table with players from the pool, allowing you to start playing new cards right away. This eliminates the waiting time associated with folding your hand, enabling you to play more hands within the same time frame. As a result, this style of play has become increasingly popular among experienced real money players.

    Which platforms offer this type of online poker?

    Depending on the provider, Fast Fold Poker goes by different names. PokerStars calls it Zoom Poker. At Party Poker, it is known as FastForward Poker, and Full Tilt offers Rush Poker. Playtech's iPoker network labels it Speed Poker, while Microgaming refers to it as Blaze Poker in the MPN network. Ongame has Snap Poker, Titan Poker offers Speed Hold'em, and the Chico Poker network features Boost Poker. Whether you can play only Texas Hold'em or other poker variants like Omaha depends on the online poker provider you choose.

    Can I still track the course of the game despite using the Fold?

    When you choose to fold your hand using the Fast Fold button in Zoom Poker, you will immediately be placed at a new, randomly assembled table with other Zoom Poker players, ready to start a new round. Depending on the specific Fast Fold variant, in some versions, you might still have the opportunity to observe the ongoing game and the community cards that were dealt in the hand you folded, allowing you to gain valuable insights from it.

    Can I connect multi-tabling with Zoom Poker?

    Yes, you have the option to engage in multi-tabling while playing Zoom Poker, thereby increasing the total number of hands played per hour. For a skilled player, the throughput at a single Zoom Poker table is roughly equivalent to three regular tables. So, if you're simultaneously playing at four Zoom tables, you'll achieve an approximate volume of hands played that is comparable to twelve normal tables. However, it's important to note that multi-tabling requires heightened levels of concentration.

    Is Zoom Poker more challenging compared to regular online poker?

    It somewhat depends on whether the style of play suits you. On top of this page, we discuss the pros and cons. However, when it comes to Zoom Poker, Speed Poker, Snap Poker, Fast Forward Poker, and other variants, here's what you can expect: the fast-paced nature of the game attracts professional grinders. It is highly likely that you will encounter skilled opponents in Fast Fold Poker. This effect is further magnified by multi-tabling since experienced players often play at multiple Zoom Poker tables simultaneously. We advise beginners not to dive into Zoom Poker right away.