Multi-Tabling Strategy: Playing Online Poker at Multiple Tables

Multi-Tabling Poker is the act of playing at multiple online poker tables simultaneously. The majority of online poker providers offer the option to play at more than one table. Skilled players utilize multi-tabling to increase their hourly win rate. Internet poker is already a fast-paced affair, but multi-table play ramps up the tempo even further. Nevertheless, with some practice, you can harness the power of multi-tabling to your advantage. Our team of poker experts will guide you through the process of getting started with parallel play across multiple tables and provide you with valuable tips and tricks for your multi-tabling strategy.

Was ist Multi-Tabling ?

Multi-tabling has become increasingly popular among skilled and ambitious online poker players today. The reason behind this popularity is the opportunity it presents to win more real money per hour by playing multiple tables simultaneously. Players have the freedom to determine the number of tables they wish to engage with. Managing and observing two to four games at the same time is still comfortable for most players, which is why this option is often preferred. However, depending on the software and poker room, it is also possible to play at 16 or even up to 24 tables.

The multi-tabling feature of the poker software is designed to assist you. To ensure better organization, the individual tables are arranged side by side in separate windows. When you have a large number of tables, it becomes challenging to keep track of all the action simultaneously. In such cases, the software automatically brings the table to the forefront when your attention or action is required. This allows you to seamlessly jump from one activity to another. Visual animations and sound effects can aid you in making quick assessments, while the ability to filter out chat messages and other distractions from fellow players can help you stay focused. Utilizing a poker tracking software further enhances your multi-tabling experience.


What are the advantages of multi-tabling?

Playing at multiple poker tables requires making important decisions in much shorter intervals, shifting your attention from one game to the next while maintaining concentration and composure. It's not an easy task, so what are the advantages of this option? If you want to win more real money with your poker game, you need to invest more time or money, either by playing more or wagering higher amounts. Multi-tabling is a kind of middle ground that allows you to earn more money in the same amount of time by increasing your hourly profit.

Furthermore, this will enable you to enhance your poker game and concentration, despite how counterproductive it may initially seem. In the regular online poker room game, boredom eventually sets in as you have to wait for other players and in between hands. As a result, your concentration dwindles, and you may find yourself easily distracted by something else. Even if you are attentively following the action, you may get caught up in a "what if" scenario and, for instance, regret your decision to fold because you would have potentially hit a good card on the turn or river.

Playing multiple tables simultaneously eliminates wait times and can help you shorten your decision-making time. Essentially, when multi-tabling, you play more standard poker and avoid daring and risky maneuvers. If you find yourself being drawn to extravagant moves too often, multi-tabling can assist you in breaking this habit.

Should I focus on multi-tabling or increase my betting limits?

When it comes to increasing your win rate, many players find themselves faced with the decision of moving up to a higher limit or starting multi-tabling. There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for every situation, but regardless of the number of tables, you should always be playing at a limit that suits your bankroll and allows you to fully showcase your skills. By experimenting and analyzing, you will discover the perfect combination of table quantity and limits that works best for you when it comes to multi-tabling.

This is how to get started with multi-tabling.

Our team of poker specialists will guide you through a step-by-step process on how to start playing online poker at multiple tables. They will provide you with expert advice and strategies to enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of winning. With their comprehensive knowledge and experience, you will learn the ins and outs of multitabling, enabling you to handle multiple games simultaneously. Mastering this skill will not only boost your efficiency but also maximize your potential earnings. Trust our experts to help you navigate the exciting world of online poker and become a proficient multitabler.

  1. Consider the limit at which you feel confident and play well in poker. You should be completely comfortable with multi-tabling and already be making a good profit from playing at just one table.
  2. Choose a poker room for the game. Multi-tabling is available at most online poker providers. Take a look at our test reports if you are still looking for the right provider.
  3. Use the poker site's download software as it allows for the best customization. Personalize the table view according to your preferences to minimize distractions and increase clarity. This can include features like a four-color deck and disabling the chat.
  4. Start multi-tabling with just two game tables initially. These can be displayed side by side for easy navigation.
  5. Keep track of your profits and losses and determine how your win rate changes. If you see a positive effect, gradually add more tables and find the optimal number you can play simultaneously.

Win rate per hour

Assume you earn an average of 10 euros per hour at a No Limit Texas Hold'em poker table with a big blind level of 100. If you move up to the next level, you'll be playing for bigger pots, but it doesn't necessarily mean you'll win more pots. In the higher level, you are less experienced and confident, which leads to a decrease in your win rate. However, if you stay at the same level and play at two tables simultaneously, your win rate will decrease slightly at each table, but as long as you still earn more than half of your previous winnings at each individual table, you will make more profit. If you earn approximately 8 euros per table per hour at two tables instead of 10 euros, your hourly profit will still increase to 16 euros.

Multi-Tabling Poker Strategy for Beginners


When multi-tabling, it is advisable to adopt a conservative-aggressive approach, playing standard poker, also known as ABC poker. By employing a complex playing style, you increase the number of challenging decisions while having less time for each move. Instead of relying on tricks and bluffs, it is essential to focus on the core aspects. You cannot expect to win every round against every player. Your objective is simply to maximize your profits.

Selection of gaming tables

Exclusively engage in poker games at the same type of table, meaning the same variation and limit. Avoid mixing a tournament table with a cash game or Texas Hold'em with Omaha, as it will excessively strain your concentration in the long run. The circumstances should be as similar as possible, so you don't have to switch your mindset when transitioning. The online poker software aids you in swiftly selecting suitable tables using filters and favorites. Due to the consistent blind levels, cash games are particularly well-suited for multi-tabling, but there's no harm in playing two or more Sit 'n' Go tournaments simultaneously.


Stick with your current limit, or perhaps even opt for a lower one. It's all about simple mathematics: if playing four tables with micro-stakes generates more profit than playing two tables with high stakes, then choose the option that brings in more money per hour.

Number of tables and win rate.

Determining the ideal number of gaming tables can pose a challenge. Don't be discouraged: your profit per table is bound to be lower if you handle multiple tables. However, a problem arises when your overall profit from multi-tabling is lower than from playing individually. Somewhere in between lies the optimal value for your win rate and the number of tables. For professionals, this may be six to eight tables, while as a beginner, two to four tables are likely to be ideal for you.

Anzahl der Tische und Gewinnrate


If you're playing within the appropriate limits, there's no need to change your bankroll management. Of course, keep in mind that you'll be moving more capital in the same amount of time, so you may need to replenish your account sooner. Some players double their bankroll when they start multi-tabling, while others begin with micro-stakes. In essence, it doesn't matter – your goal is to achieve a higher win rate in the long run. The only thing you should avoid is interrupting your game because of necessary reloading.

Tips and tricks for playing poker at multiple tables at the same time.

Create an overview

Take your time to determine the appropriate arrangement of the tables and customize the table view to suit your needs. Display four tables in a square formation, while two or three tables can be placed side by side. Avoid having the windows overlap or obstruct each other in the display. At the start of multi-tabling, it is beneficial to be able to see the action at all tables without the need to move windows around.

Maximize your focus.

To put it differently, minimize any form of distraction. Set your mobile device aside and disable any features that may interfere with your poker game, such as chat messages, avatar images, or any other unnecessary elements. On the other hand, using a four-color deck can enhance your focus. Discover what works best for you.

Use keyboard shortcuts

When it comes to online poker, speed is already a factor, which is why you can and should save additional time when multi-tabling. The poker program provides you with numerous keyboard shortcuts. Study the manual and familiarize yourself with the so-called hotkeys. They allow you to accelerate common actions such as folding and checking. You can also set keyboard combinations for betting amounts, enabling you to act faster.

A poker software tool assists you.

Playing at multiple tables simultaneously reduces your opportunity to get a read on your opponents, thus limiting your strategy. To counter this, a poker tracking software with a heads-up display (HUD) can assist you. By displaying relevant statistics and information, you can gain an advantage over your fellow players despite multi-tabling. Furthermore, the software enables post-game analysis, allowing you to analyze your performance after each session.

Begin small

Don't rush and add individual tables with caution. Begin your multi-tabling journey with two tables and hone your gameplay before diving into more action.

Multi-Tabling Summary

By engaging in multi-tabling, you have the opportunity to boost your poker earnings per hour without the need to switch to a different limit. Opting for the appropriate choice of tables is crucial, as it enables you to create the ideal conditions for playing multiple tables simultaneously by tailoring the interface to your preferences. While it is expected that your individual profits per table may decrease slightly, you can still achieve an overall higher profit.

In addition, engaging in multi-tabling can significantly enhance and reinforce your concentration and decision-making skills. Start by managing two tables and familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts for control. Gradually expand your multi-tabling capabilities. Optimize the number of tables you play and don't overlook the value of utilizing additional aids like poker software for support.

Playing poker at multiple tables simultaneously is known as multi-tabling. Most online poker rooms offer you this opportunity. It allows you to engage in the excitement of multiple games at once, increasing your chances of winning big. With multi-tabling, you can test your skills and strategies across different tables, making each session more dynamic and exhilarating. Embrace the thrill of multitasking and take your poker experience to the next level with the option of playing at multiple tables simultaneously.

As you increase the number of tables, your profit per table decreases, but there is an optimal number in the middle that maximizes your profit while multi-tabling.