The top poker sites with plenty of fish for Irish players in 2023.

Novice players, with little experience or weak skills, are often the preferred targets of skilled and determined players in online poker. For professional players who make a living from online poker, as well as for hobby players who play for profit and not just for fun, these weak players are the most reliable source of income. That's why ambitious players are always on the lookout for poker rooms with a high abundance of fish. These are often found on pages of online casinos or sports betting providers that also offer a poker room. Through extensive testing processes, we have identified the poker rooms where the majority of online poker fish gather for players from Ireland. Take advantage of our poker experts' ranking list of poker sites with the most fish and discover the easiest poker rooms to achieve quick and effortless poker winnings.

Why do you benefit from poker sites with many fish players?

  • There is a significantly weaker level of Cash Game Tischen, particularly at the low and moderate betting levels
  • Turnier jackpots can be cracked more easily as a significant portion of the competitors are fish.
  • Qualifying tournaments for major live events are much simpler on poker sites without fish.

In October 2023, we have declared Bet-at-Home as the top performer of the month among online poker sites abundant in inexperienced players. Our extensive assessment has revealed their exceptional suitability for novice players, making them the ultimate choice for those seeking a platform with ample opportunities to enhance their skills and strategize. With an impressive pool of less experienced players, Bet-at-Home provides a conducive environment for beginners to learn, grow, and make significant strides in their poker journey. By securing the title of the month's champion, Bet-at-Home has solidified its position as a go-to destination for players seeking a rewarding and enjoyable poker experience.

The best 3 online poker websites

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GGPoker, the premier licensed poker provider in Ireland, presents a myriad of regular bonus offerings for both new and existing customers, setting itself apart as a globally recognized poker platform. Engaging players with an array of enticing incentives, GGPoker ensures an unparalleled and rewarding experience for its esteemed clientele.

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    Thanks to its exceptional bonus offers and a continuously expanding community of enthusiastic players, 888Poker is the undisputed leader among poker sites. With a wide range of poker variants and state-of-the-art software, playing becomes an experience of the highest caliber. The outstanding bonus deals and an ever-growing community of dedicated players have propelled 888Poker to the forefront of poker sites. Engaging in a variety of poker games and utilizing cutting-edge software ensures an extraordinary gaming experience.

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    888Poker is offering a generous 20 Euro bonus to all new customers, making it the perfect risk-free introduction to the world of poker. Upon signing up, players will receive tickets that grant them free entry into poker tournaments. These tickets will be credited to your account gradually, and you will have 24 hours to use them as a buy-in for poker tournaments. 250 € Freeroll Freitag 19Uhr
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    Here is an overview of all the poker sites we have tested.

    Leverage poker sites with fish to your advantage.

    If you're an avid online poker player who not only enjoys playing for fun but also aims to win, you might consider switching to a platform where many inexperienced players frequent. When you come across numerous other ambitious poker players on your chosen poker site, the outcome often depends on your daily performance or even luck with the cards. By specifically searching for poker rooms where you can compete against the strongest and most experienced players, you reduce the chances of encountering opponents with similar levels of expertise.

    This presents you with the opportunity to quickly identify and exploit the fish or fishes at the table within a few hands, especially at lower and mid stakes cash game tables. The poker sites with the highest number of fish, as discovered during our tests, consistently have at least one fish at the table in almost every ring game and sit 'n' go with smaller and mid-range stakes, whose skill level significantly drops. By playing smartly, you can swiftly teach this weak player a lesson and seize their chips before someone else does.

    However, tournament players should also take a closer look at our ranking of the best fish poker online sites for Ireland. The fish are not limited to cash games alone, but also participate in tournaments. When facing off against a fish in a tournament, you may not be able to directly cash in on them, but you can secure an excellent position for the rest of the tournament. While there is still the risk of a lucky strike from a bad player in a cash game, the fish cannot compete with you over the course of a tournament with many hands played. Therefore, the number of participants in a tournament at a poker room with many fish is only relative. For example, if 500 gamblers participate in a tournament on our recommended sites, as a skilled player, you may only have to contend with around 50 competitors for the jackpot. A large portion of the participants are fish, while others are experienced players who lack certain skills. Especially satellites, which are qualification tournaments for high-stakes live poker events, can be utilized on poker sites with fish to qualify for these events much easier than on sites with intense competition.

    This is how we identified the poker rooms with the highest number of inexperienced players.

    Professional players have extensively tested numerous online poker sites and maintain various statistics to determine where and when the occurrence of online poker fish is highest. They deliberately play on sites and during peak hours with many fish in order to exploit unsuspecting players and increase their profits without much effort. To save you from this work, our editors have used the poker site tests over many months to assess and evaluate the skill level of average players on a site. During all our software and game offer tests, we simultaneously tried cash game tables, various tournament offers, and every detail of the game offerings of online poker providers at different times of the day and at various stake levels. In addition, we made notes about the quality of the opponents.

    Based on a straightforward digital evaluation test for every opponent, our editors were able to gather a plethora of data that allows for insights into the quality of a poker room's customer base. Upon analyzing the data, we noticed that the discrepancies between the various sites were more significant than anticipated. Now, having processed this data, we are delighted to present to you our top list of the most beginner-friendly online poker sites with the highest number of novice players.

    Play on the top-rated online poker sites with plenty of inexperienced players.

    On this page, our ranking includes the online poker rooms that we recommend to you due to the simplified odds of winning against weaker opponents. However, it's not just the abundance of fish that makes the poker sites we recommend interesting. You also get to play under the optimum conditions in terms of poker software, game and bonus offerings, poker banking, and security. So, we haven't just selected the sites with the most fish, but online poker providers that offer you the best overall package and still provide better winning chances than many competitors.

    Take advantage of the insights we provide here and reap the benefits of the multitude of online poker novices congregating at specific platforms. By doing so, you can significantly enhance your chances of winning, effortlessly and without any monetary commitments.

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    888 Poker BONUS 30 €
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    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    How does one classify players as "fish" in online poker?

    A "fish" is a term used to describe poker players whose knowledge of poker theory and strategy is, to put it mildly, limited. Despite this, fish often play with relatively high stakes and approach poker as a pure game of luck. As a result, you will frequently encounter fish making high bets with mediocre or even poor hands because they had a "gut feeling." They simply lack the experience or skill to know when it is better to fold a hand before losing even more money with it. In short, fish are poor poker players who, in the long run, lose significantly more than they win.

    Is it advisable to play on websites with fish?

    The unambiguous answer to this inquiry is a resounding yes! Playing poker should always be for the sake of amusement. However, if you also manage to make long-term profits in cold hard cash, you can rest assured that the enjoyment of the game will increase exponentially. The key to successful poker players lies not only in thorough diligence towards poker theory and strategy but also in the art of game selection. In simpler terms, a successful poker player chooses their opponents wisely, making sure they are typically weaker players or, even better, fish.

    What is the difference between a poker shark and a poker fish?

    A predator in the waters of online poker rooms, a shark embodies just that: the apex predator among poker games. A shark is a player, often at a professional level, who consistently and consistently earns lucrative profits in the long run. Naturally, this flow of money has to come from somewhere. You've guessed it: from the fish, for the most part at least. To illustrate, imagine the food chain, with the fish being situated quite low while the shark reigns supreme near the top.

    Are there many fish found on all poker sites?

    There are players of all different skill levels on every online poker site. It is therefore helpful for you to find an online poker site where the ratio of fish to sharks is balanced. In other words, some online poker rooms have significantly more fish and fewer sharks compared to others. And it is precisely these poker sites that are incredibly advantageous for newcomers, but also experienced gamblers, in the game of poker. That's why we have thoroughly examined the skill levels of players on different platforms to present you with those poker sites where you have the best chances of cashing in on the fish.